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The Alpujarras region of Andalucia, Spain

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It’s been a while since I blogged, I’d fully intended to whilst on my last trip but couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm on this occasion. So now, having arrived back in the UK Sunday and having returned to work Monday, I’m starting to assimilate what I’d experienced over the past two weeks. That sounds a little dramatic, after all I’d only been to Spain, yet for me this had been harder and more life changing than the trek to Everest Base Camp.

Apart from feeling a strong connection to the Alpujarras region of Spain, I’m not quite sure why it made me feel this way. Perhaps it’s because it reminded me of one of my many big mistakes in life.

In 2007 I’d bought a small cortijo with two hectares of land high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I was intent on going to live there, off grid, away from the hustle of F1. Alas I had a big car accident up there in 2009, it was quite traumatic, and I thought I’d never return, so sold the place a year later. I so regret it now! Never will I get the opportunity to buy such a place again. To boot, I lost a lot of money on the transaction.