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Veganuary - Easy Meat-free recipe for snacking, packed lunch or a meal

****January is Veganuary month****

If you're not already plant-based, can I tempt you into trying just one meat-free meal? You never know, you might like it! Perhaps it could become a once a week (or more) habit? If you don’t like the word vegan consider it plant-based, and unless you can afford grass-fed animal meat, consider it healthy.

Most of us like to think we love animals, unfortunately most of us are culpable in what, in hundreds of years’ time will be looked upon as the abomination that was factory farming. I don’t want to give you nightmares as to the utter cruelty of factory or intensive farming, but just consider the basics, mothers are separated from their young, these animals are traumatised and mourn as much as you or I would.

For those that are now huffing and puffing about being top of the food chain, consider this, unless you raise, kill and eat your own meat, you are dependent upon the shops opening tomorrow, that’s the extent to which you are top of the food chain!

Tofu, pronounced tow-foo, made from fermented soya beans, is a versatile food, especially the firm variety. If you can afford organic, for your health, that is the best to buy, as it is for any food stuff. Aldi sell a good range of plant-based foods, including some organics, as do most of the larger supermarkets. It stores in its sealed packet, in the fridge for several weeks.

One of the things I’ve found hard to give up is dairy. Having been a milk lover, after about a month on soya ‘milk’, I could no longer bear the taste of cow’s milk. Soya milk takes a bit of getting used to, stick with it for a week or two and you too may find you don’t want to go back. One thing that is hard to give up is cheese. Cheese is such a wonderful food, and hard to replace, and one of the last things that I am giving up. Nutritional Yeast is a savoury alternative, I sprinkle this on my salads and meals to replace cheese, and it’s doing a great job thus afar.

Here’s a quick recipe that I rely on to stop me snacking on sugary foods and it doubles up as a filler for my packed lunch of salad leaves, lentils, chick peas, tofu and a minute sprinkling of yeast and sea salt.

What you need to buy