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Shop for Equipment I use

I will link on this page pieces of equipment I have used for some time, and that I think are a good quality product.

I may receive a small commission if you purchase via one of these links. I am not an Amazon affiliate at the moment as they cancelled it because I didn't sell enough but the links are still here, so you can source what you need easily. Currently my website and YouTube channel is self-funded, but it is getting very expensive, especially as my renewal for Wix is due, US$600 for two years. I hope I provide you with valuable content, and aim to improve the quality of this over the coming months. Any benevolence you can show me would be gratefully received.

Helinox Lite Cot

Gorilla Cage Fork Luggage

Australia Cleats -

(note this is a different design bracket than those I use)


Sea to Summit Ember EBIII Quilt

This is a different seller than I bought from

Promend PD R67Q Pedals

Ships to most countries

Camera tripod - Lightweight

This is a different seller than I bought from but it looks the same part

Exped Waterproof Compression Bag 19litres

Altra Lone Peak 5 for Women

Altra Lone Peak 5 for Men

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter Kit (you can filter the muckiest of water with this)

Big Blue Solar charger - Upgraded from the spec of mine

Hansin GoPro battery charger

Net Dot Gen 12 Magnetic USB cables & Adapters Australia - 3 x 30cm long cables + 3 x each Micro USB and USB C adaptors -

UK - 3 x 2m long cables + 3 each Micro USB, USB C and iPhone adaptors -

USA - 2 x 1m long cables + 2 each Micro USB and USB C adaptors


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