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The Tale of Two Sarahs

You can see the four episodes of my time at Caballo Blanco here

If I’d have looked down last year whilst riding the section of the Sierra Nevada from Nigϋelas to Pampaneira, I’d have seen Caballo Blanco which is situated mid-way up the sierra above Lanjarón.

A street with buildings, cars and mountains in the distance
The lovely mountain town of Lanjaron

After getting two buses, from Malaga to Granada, then Granada to Lanjaron, I waited at a bar. Sarah #1 soon arrived at the bar to pick me up, we had a quick drink and a chat. An attractive, blond, English lady, she had an air of being calmly competent, living a very hectic life. I liked her and felt safe in her hands. Even though it’s possible to read the blurb on a Helpx hosts establishment and the reviews of other helpers, one never really knows what to expect, or the true personality of the host.

Sarah filling the horses water buckets
Sarah, filling the horses water. Quite a job, water is scarce, each horse gets through 2-3 buckets a day