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Chapter Three - Helpx at Cortijo Los Plumas in the Alpujarras

See Episode 3 of my Vlog on this trip here

Tina, a friend of Amanda’s has bought Mister Grey, he wasn’t a rescue horse, but was quite neglected, massively under-weight, and with many open sores where he’d vigorously rubbed himself on anything he could! Currently he’s at Amanda’s, but will soon go to Tina’s newly built yard, when he and Tina have had some training!

It’s Tina’s first horse, she has ridden for many years but had a hiatus after a nasty fall, so just needs to get back into the swing of things. I can’t wait to see their relationship develop over the next year or so!

After riding in the mornings, we’d wash the ridden horses down……. Only for them to nearly always roll in the dust immediately afterwards! Amanda would give the horses a hard feed and do a few other jobs, I’d do the hay nets, water and de-pooping, after settling them all down in the barn, we’d go up to the cortijo for breakfast, around 11am.

Amanda would sort out the breakfast, I didn’t contribute an awful lot toward that, except gobble it down as I’d be pretty hungry by then!

I’d do the dishes, perhaps some sweeping then go for an early siesta quite often, to make sure I didn’t sleep later in the afternoon, as it wasn’t helping my night time sleep napping that late.

Around 2pm we’d go back down to the horses, do the water, hay nets and some more de-pooping, perhaps for an hour or so, then return to the cortijo for a late lunch. Often this would be the main meal of the day.