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Mount Lawson State Park - Camp - Bushwalk - Bike Ride

Cold and rainy weather here in Albury, New South Wales, Australia, has been the norm for the past ten months. With working full time, doing life and carrying out Grandma duties I'm left with little time for leisure activities. Unfortunately the coincidence of sunshine days and free time are very rare.

After Granny duties until 5pm last Saturday, I realised that if I want to get out more, I needed to change my mindset, and break the chain of thinking that I have to go on a weekend trip on a Friday night or Saturday morning. So decision made, at 5:30pm, I was to go camping that night!

Check out my video of this trip here

Mount Granya State Park and its neighbouring Mount Lawson State Park have been on my radar for a short bikepacking trip for a while. I've already checked out Granya, so I thought I'd go to Mount Lawson this weekend, with Granya as a backup, should it be busy or not suitable.

Very stupidly, in my rush to pack my camping gear, hiking gear, cycling gear, food etc. I forgot to print out and download detailed maps of Mount Lawson State Park, which caused a bit of a headache later in the trip.

Setting off at 7pm in the evening sun gave me such a buzz, the freedom and anticipation of what will happen this night was just what I needed, it's a bit like driving home for Christmas, there's something so special about it.

Map of my drive from home to Mount Lawson State Park - 73Kms 1 hour
My drive from home to the Kurrajongs Campsite at Mount Lawson State Park - 73Kms 1 hour

It's a beautiful drive, over the Bethanga Bridge, crossing Lake Hume, then alongside the swollen Murray River, with the sun setting behind me. Not knowing what to expect, or whether there was even a campsite at all, I had no time to meander.

I wasn't sure of the exact layout of the park and the campsites, there wasn't time to investigate properly. My first destination was going to be the Kurrajongs, shown on Google Maps as a campsite, that is situated on the north-most left hand corner of the park.

What a relief, driving into the Kurrajongs, it was clear that I'd be able to camp here, whether legally or not! There wasn't any sign of other campers, which is always preferable to a hermit like myself. I slowly drove along the fire-road that runs through a sparse bushland into the site. A drop-toilet can be found approximately 300 metres in, on the right, then at 450 metres the road ends in a turning circle, with picnic table and firepit. I couldn't see a decent camp spot at the firepit area so I headed back the way I'd came. There's plenty of flat ground and some shorter brush, I'm allergic to grass, so the shorter the better for me. I parked up in a more like meadow part of the bush, on the right next to a clump of gum trees, that I thought would make a great anchor for my tarp.

I'd packed my car quickly and messily, so I was very disorganised during camp setup but managed to get it done before darkness fell. Two things I hadn't expected was the amount of ants and mosquitoes! The 15 to 20mm long ants were relentless, if I stood still for too long they'd be crawling up me. The mozzies were tiny, which made me think they'd be quite harmless, how wrong was I! I'd changed into long sleeves and leggings when I saw just how many were about and thought that as they were so small that I'd be OK, alas not.