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Mountain Biking at Hunchback Hill Bike Park

You can see my YouTube of this ride here

I was leaving Australia in four days time, and with not being able to take Stumpy back to the UK with me, I wanted one last ride. So decided to cycle from Lavington to Wodonga, which in itself is quite a pleasant ride, on many cycle-ways and through parks, and really not too far. Alas, Hunchback Hill Mountain Bike Park is completely the other side of Wodonga. Crossing Wodonga is when I started flagging! In total it was just over 22kms to the bike park, not a big deal on a road bike, but on a mountain bike a little more difficult!

The ambient temperature was around 30 deg C, with bright sunshine, and little shade on the ride. It was either cover-up and sweat or peel-off and burn! I did a bit of both, alternating top on, top off….vest top underneath of course!

I stopped off for photo opportunities on the way, in all it took me around two and a half hours to get there.

Once you get onto Felltimber Road in Wodonga, you discover it is very long! It’s quite a pretty ride with a few hilly scenes. Hunchback Hill Mountain Bike Park entrance is quite understated, it’s just a gate, by the side of it a larger gate with a trail map. That’s it. Location-wise riding from Wodonga out of town down Felltimber Road, where the tarmac road goes sharply left uphill, the layby for the park is on your right.