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Road-trip to the Northshore of Oahu, Hawaii

See slideshow for this trip here

During a chat in the hostel communal area with Marcy, a lady from Toronto, we discovered we both wanted to see the big surf on the North Shore of Oahu. I’m not sure if she offered me a lift or if I invited myself! We made arrangements to go the next morning, and set off around 9:30am, in Marcy’s fabtastic grunty Mustang convertible hire car!

We took the highway out of Waikiki for a short while, then we headed for the Northwest coast, and followed the coastal road 83 around, in a clockwise direction. I shan’t waffle on about every time we stopped, you can see the journey we took on the map below.

I don't have the words to describe the vistas. Around every turn there was another dramatic view. It could be an ocean view, a ridge view and sometimes both. We stopped around ten times to take in the views and/or have some food and drink, continuing at a leisurely pace between stops. There are quite a few spots for grabbing some quality fresh food, Marcy having shrimp tacos, while I had the Gnarly nachos. We had some fab locally grown pineapple and ice cream at another stop. Sampling the locally grown pineapple is a must do, they're so cheap and so so juicy and sweet.

We were out around eight hours, poor Marcy having to do all the driving, while I savoured the views! And boy were there some awesome views, they just kept coming. I gave up taking photos as I just couldn’t capture the beauty of what we were seeing.