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Chapter 10: Bikepacking the Altravesur-El Burgo to Ardales

17th April 2019

You can see my YouTube on this ride here

I left my wild-camp outside El Burgo at around half six in the morning, it was still dark. After a short while on the trail I came across a rather bedraggled fox, it stared, ran a little, stopped, stared, ran a little more, and repeated this a couple of times, very strange!

The route was on badly eroded soil, sometimes one lane had collapsed completely from water erosion. I found it very interesting as this eroded soil had once been vertical, now horizonal, so the different coloured layers of soil and rock, laid down over millennia, changed as I walked aside it. I wondered which layer was from what sort of event and wished I had my own personal geologist with me to explain the mystery.