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Travelling from Albury to Kathmandu

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For my flights from Albury to Kathmandu, I'd specifically booked Qantas/Cathay Dragon as I definitely wasn't going to risk crossing the ocean in an Air Asia or Malaysian Air be never seen again!

My early morning flight from Albury to Sydney barely gets up to cruising altitude before it's making it's descent! Taking just an hour, and no real problems were experienced, except the check-in assistant wanted my Nepal visa number, and I didn't have one because I was getting a visa on arrival in Kathmandu. She was saying I would have to get my baggage and check-in again in Sydney. Eventually she skipped the input box for the visa number and I got my tickets for the whole journey there and then, which means there's no collecting baggage until the final destination, which I love!

There was a ginormous lady on the flight, with a bum at least twice as big as the seat. The seats are tiny on these little turbo prop planes. Strangely, they'd seated her next to an over-weight man, luckily a slim lady offered her a seat swap. But why sit them together in the first place?? One of the mysteries of life I guess! Even if the random seat allocations can't tell the size of people, surely the air stewards can see! Why not have to enter your weight when booking a flight, so the seat allocation or selection algorithm can take it into account?