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Reflections and Tips on Trekking to Everest Base Camp

You can see a YouTube of preparations for the hike here and my full hike here

Here I will try to document some of the things that I hadn’t thought about researching before booking my trek. I've summarised at the end of this blog the questions I would ask next time, and the additional things I'd take.


My trip was with the very experienced trekking company, Himalayan Experience. With that experience came faultless logistics, everything but everything ran smoothly, from the hostels, camp set-up and food to the helicopter out of base camp, which was quite a complex operation in itself! Russ who runs Himex certainly knows his business. We left Kathmandu on the 26th March and returned on the 6th of April


Group size

I didn’t ask the group size before I booked. As it turned out there was 18 of us, including a Lead guide, Guide and Doctor.

Each one of the trekkers was a friendly interesting character, and everyone got on well. There were two sets of father/sons, a married couple and two sets of friends, plus the ‘singles’, like me. The normal people socialised outside of their ‘group’, because that’s what normal people do, alas I’m a weirdo loner!

Would I go on a trek with a large group again? No probably not, don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad experience, I just don't prefer large groups. I feel like I bonded with the EBC group as much as I’m ever going to bond with a group, so would go with them again, and continue to be my hermit self, as they are now used to it! I don’t think I’d go with a different large group though, I’ll stick to going on my own or with