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Mount Granya State Park 2018

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Staying in the foothills of the Australian Alpine region, there’s no shortage of hills to climb. For a quick Sunday tour, sans bike, we took a short drive across the NSW Victoria border to Mount Granya State Park.

The drive from the west is mostly on the well-surfaced twisty, hilly roads around Lake Hume, with some nice views.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the park, it doesn’t look anything too grand on the map or on Google but I was pleasantly surprised. This bijou state park had something special when we visited. And that was the lack of any other human beings!

Being a day with temperatures over 40°C, we didn’t opt to hike to the top of Mount Granya, instead just having a mooch around and taking the short trail to the seasonal waterfall. Being mid-summer I wasn’t expecting much from the waterfall at all.

The trail is on the slightly rowdy side but not too much for flipflops. On the hike to the waterfall you’ll come across an old scout hut, sort of interesting if you like that sort of thing!

A trickle was flowing down the waterfall into the Cotton Mill creek below. It’s a nice local and distant view from the waterfall, not epic but nice