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Home Run trail - Nailcan Hill - Albury - NSW

You can see my YouTube of this ride here

Having planned to ride last Sunday with my daughter Sam, at perhaps Bright or Fall’s Creek, we kind of failed at the first hurdle of getting out of bed early enough!

I loaded the car with both bikes and the usual junk, but Sam wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about going, so I said if you don’t want to ride just come and take some photos of me riding, as I have hardly any pictures of me actually on a bike.

So that’s what we did. We drove to Nailcan Hill Gap Road entrance, and Sam took some photos of me riding a small part of the Home Run trail, it was quite fun, just wish I had some speed and steeze!

It was a very very windy day, it hasn't rained in Albury for some weeks, so the ground is hard-packed with a dust layer on top. Where the dust is thick, the grip is quite predictable, where it's a thin film of dust, the grip's a little more inconsistent and can catch you out!

I learnt something from this little outing, and that's riding Nailcan doesn’t have to be an epic climb to ride No More Secrets or the other trails from the top. The Home Run start is only a five minute pushup from the Gap Road parking area, so you can session it without getting too knackered with difficult pushups.

If you pushup the full Gap Road entrance to the top, it’s a killer! And the Home Run is quite a tricky little bit of downhill, pretty rugged with a new drop near the end, which I chickened!

To finish off our session, I rode the full Home Run down to the bottom, and Sam drove the short way to meet me in the lower car park.

Fab little ride, wish I’d thought of it before……damn!


Take Gap Road out of Albury, as you go up the hill there's a layby on the left. Push a short way up the fire road for the start of Home Run on your left.

Or push all the way to the top of the fire road, and turn left at the top for Terminated on your left.

Or turn right at the top to find Castle, No more Secrets and Glock on your right. All are good, rugged trails.

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