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Wa'ahila Ridge Hike

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This is the hike to take if you want to get away from the crowds, I saw about 10 people whilst taking this hike. It’s scenic, it’s rather strenuous if you go at any sort of pace, especially if you continue after the 'trail ends'. It can be technical but so much fun.

Taking the number 14 bus up to the top of St Louis Heights, and following the signpost to the Wa’ahila Ridge Recreational Area, brings you to the start of the trail. You will find a restroom in the recreational area, make sure you go before you start the hike!! And take water with you.

Following the sign pointing to the Mt Trail brings you onto the first section of the hike, which is rooty and starts climbing immediately. The rooty theme continues throughout the hike, as you further progress, the boulder and rock climbs get more difficult.

After a short walk up and through the forest you are eventually walking on a metre-wide ridge, with a valley to each side, one looking down on Waikiki, Honolulu and the Pacific, the other looks across to other ridge lines. It’s not scary at all but can sometimes reduce in width for short distances, there’s plenty of trees to catch you should you fall! You won’t fall, it’s really fine.

Eventually you come to a sign-post which tells you the Wa’ahila Trail is at an end. If you want to continue to Mount Olympus you take the right-most trail at this point.