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Tent Review - Marmot Tungsten UL1P

Planning my first bikepacking tour I had a long shopping list. By far the most expensive part of the set-up, apart from the bike of course, was my sleep system.

Making decisions on which tent, airbed and sleeping bag to buy took several months of research and review reading, firstly on the merchandise, then once a decision was made, further reviews on merchandisers!

Criteria for selection, in order of priority:

  • Free-standing

  • Cost

  • Good Reviews

  • Weight

  • Package Size

  • Quality

I'd seen some YouTube reviews by through-hiker and bikepacker influencers, often they were out of my price range and/or not free-standing.

Eventually I decided upon the Marmot Tungsten UL1P weighing in at around 1.3Kg for the 3 season bundle.

Be careful if purchasing, don't confuse the Tungsten UL1P with the heavier Tungsten standard tent!

The Tungsten UL1P setup in a wildcamp 5kms from Jimena
The Tungsten UL1P setup in a wildcamp 5kms from Jimena

The UL1P sells for around $300 USD. When buying in the US from the UK you will also pay import duty and a considerable delivery charge. I purchased mine from US based Backcountry Gear and was more than happy with their service, it came out at around £300. It is possible to find them in Europe, but there was none available at the time I wanted one.