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Quilt Review - Sea to Summit Ember EBIII

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When wanting to kit-up for bikepacking, I spent a few months researching a sleep system. I decided early on, due to their lower weight and size, to research quilts instead of sleeping bags.

Something else that helped me come to that decision is that my temperature fluctuates while sleeping: I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m hot again, covers on, covers off. My thinking was that a quilt would be easier to kick off, or partially cover myself etc.

Affording a top price range quilt was out of the question, I would be looking for something mid-budget, around the £200 mark.

Once I had decided upon the temperature rating, around minus 5 degrees C, I scoured merchandisers, looking for special offers. Ultralight Outdoor Gear had the Ember on offer at £199.99, the quilt was rated to a low of -6 ish and it was in stock. It had good reviews, so that’s what I went for. I purchased mine in January 2019. I can recommend the merchandiser, good stocks, good prices and good service.

Important notes on how I used the quilt

· I was using this quilt with a Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Wide Sleeping Mat

· I slept with the Ember EBIII and the Big Agnes mat around 15 times

· The 15 days use was in Spain, during Spring and Early Summer, March to June

· At altitudes up to 1700 metres

· I didn’t use it to its max of minus 6 ish deg C

· No frosty nights were experienced

· Lowest temperatures I experienced, at a guess, was around 3-5 deg C

· I slept wearing long-johns and a T shirt, perhaps a fleece in the lower temperatures

· I always zipped up the footbox

· I didn’t clamp the quilt to my airbed

· I’m 5’8” (172cm) tall

· I’m a ladies UK Size 10-12 (60kg)

· No damage has occurred to the quilt in during this use