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Online Cycling Gear (OCG)-Independent Review

OCG buying experience and initial thoughts

The only time I can go bikepacking is during the three weeks shutdown my workplace has over Christmas and New Year. That time of year is high-summer in Australia and it's hot. During my short bikepacking tour last year, with little shade from the sun and up to 38°C, wearing my normal mountain biking gear of baggy shorts and baggy jersey, I was just too hot!

Me dressed for mountain biking with my baggy shorts and baggy jersey
This is what I used to wear - baggie gear

I'd seen a few adverts on my socials for road cycling clothing and it got me thinking, road cyclists ride in during the summer and for long long distances sometimes, perhaps their tight-fitting clothing helped them do this and not just aerodynamically . So, I decided I would get myself some and give it a go!

I'd seen perhaps ten or more different companies advertising flashy road cycling gear on Facebook and Instagram, I checked them all out, some were very expensive (to me) like $120 for a top! some were in my price range, but I didn't like the designs, some I liked the design but were winter tops.

Exasperated at not finding what I wanted, I was so excited to come across the Online Cycling Gear advert! They had designs I liked, at a good price, you could customise the tops and you can order different size shorts to the top.

It's always worrying when something looks too good to be true on the internet, but I did my due diligence and spent some time checking out reviews on OCG, and with 69% ***** reviews on Trustpilot, I thought them worth a punt!

Me ready to ride in my new OCG lycra
This is my OCG full 'lycra'

Women's Ride Free Sunset Short Sleeve Cycling Kit