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Oer! Quick Release Pedals - Promend PD R67Q Quick Release Pedal Review

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If you’ve read my Altravesur bikepacking blogs or seen the videos, you’ll know that on occasion I struggled to push or pull my fully loaded bike up and down some steep banks or mountain road washouts. 'How hard can it be' I hear you ask, after all, the bike is rolling on wheels! Well, I can tell you it is more difficult than it sounds! Physics has a lot to do with it, along with a bit of pain! When you factor in the weight of the bike and luggage, the lack of grip of your feet on the rocky ground, the steepness of the incline, the tendency of the rear end of the bike to want to overtake the front by flipping over!, all made that much worse by the fact that you can only push from a very upright position as you need to stand between the pedals and the handlebars, which means the effort you can put into pushing is very limited, makes it is a tricky old game indeed!

Of course, there’s always the option of stripping the luggage off the bike and taking it a piece at a time, in the first week of my tour, that’s just what I did, as I wasn’t fit enough to haul it. It’s effective, but time consuming. On one occasion, later in the ride, I’d have had to do just that if it wasn’t for the kindness of a hiker that happened upon me whilst I was slipping and sliding, trying to get down a steep washout. Still, with her pushing from behind and me trying to steer and support the bike, with the pedals bashing my calves or shins, depending if I stood in front or or behind the pedals, made it all very difficult.