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New MTB kit - DHaRCO clothing review


Me on my Stumpjumper bike in my on he trail with my new DHaRCO gloves and womens gravity pants
Out on the trails with my new DHaRCO gloves and womens gravity pants

For around ten years I’ve been wearing my Fighter Girls martial arts shorts for everything; hiking, surfing, swimming, biking. I’ve around 4 pairs of these shorts, they’re made primarily for MMA, but if you don’t mind not having pockets, they’re a great, robust piece of kit. With all my scrapes, falls and escapades, I’ve yet to tear or split them. They have bright colours and furry designs, the fabric is slightly glossy and of good thickness, but dry reasonably quickly too. I’ve not bought any recently btw but will when funds allow.

If only Fighter Girls had a pocketed range! For riding I prefer my men’s Fox mountain bike shorts, they have cavernous pockets! But are sadly on the slow boat from the UK to Australia, so I decided I’d treat myself to some new ones, plus some riding trousers, or pants as they call them in Australia, and some gloves.

On your socials you may have seen many adverts for DHaRCO mountain bike gear. To me, being the suspicious type, It all looked a bit too good to be true so I kind of ignored the adverts, even though I did like the look of their range. I really wasn’t over enthused by the colour of the Fox gear, the range I usually buy. I’m really not a stealth colour girl, of which most of the mountain biking apparel available is, although I did like the Fox Defend teal coloured option, the only non-stealth colour they have available. I filled a basket online with the teal shorts, pants, jersey and some brightly coloured gloves. But I had a nagging thought about the DHaRCO gear, so before I pressed the go button, I decided to check it out.

I have no idea why it is spelt DHaRCO, or how to pronounce their name, which is a little annoying and a reason not to want to bother with them tbh. Anyway, I found that they had good reviews, the range is designed in Sydney Australia and they seem to be a well respected company, so decided I would buy ‘Australian’. Noting the clothes seem to be made in China.

Looking at the Fox and DHaRCO size charts, it’s impossible to know which would fit better, as they both list different points of measuring the length in their size charts. I wish these companies would offer a ‘Long’ option, even if it meant paying a little extra.

When I’m at my medium weight I’m a UK size 10 bottoms. Looking at the DHaRCO size chart, I was a medium. Gloves-wise, from the end of my longest finger to my wrist measures 19.5cm, so I usually go for a large glove, whether it be driving gloves, biking gloves or rubber gloves!