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How to select the best Footwear TYPE for Bikepacking, Backpacking and Hiking

There is no perfect footwear solution if you are hiking or riding on varied terrain. An important factor in the comfort of your expedition, particularly if you are a senior, will not only be your footwear type and footwear fit but also your general foot health before you set off.

Your footwear will be one of the most important pieces of kit you take with you on an expedition, do your research and buy the best you can afford

You can find a video below describing a small routine I do to nurse my feet back into long distance riding and hiking condition. It is crucial to set-off with your feet in tip-top condition, and know of and be able to mitigate any injuries or conditions you are nursing.

If you can afford to take professional advice from a Podiatrist, then that would be the optimum way forward, diagnosing yourself can leave room for error

Do you need a special insole?

Type of terrain - Sole, Upper and Gaiter determination

Expected temperatures and moisture

Shoes or Boots?

Other considerations

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