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Chapter 8: Bikepacking the Altravesur-Ubrique to Ronda

11-12th April 2019

You can see my YouTube on this ride here

On leaving Francisco and Rosamaria, I rode through Ubrique, further up into the main town centre, I struggled to not keep stopping to admire the town, it, like many other Spanish towns, is very well presented, and needs a second look. After stopping for a café con leche I had to get moving, although I would liked to have seen more. For some reason I didn’t think it would be so pretty and well presented.

Up high in the town is the start of the route I needed, which turned out to be an old Roman road. The theme was kind of cobbled, but the cobbles were rough rocks. The steep incline up, plus the very rocky surface and blazing sun made this a very hard route for pushing up 50 kilos of bike and luggage. Sometimes, there was a water drainage channel at the side, with smoother cobbles, alas this would end and it would mean returning to the very rocky road. The further up I got, the rougher it became. And sometimes it would become very steep, and with that came bigger rocks. I was heaving Bay up these rocks with all my might, it was a real test of endurance.