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Bikepacking the Altravesur-Gear List

You can see my YouTube video on my kit list here

See later blog for my updated Gear List (Gear List II)

For my first bikepacking tour, not having a huge budget, I tried to use as much existing gear as I could. Anything I had to buy would be mid-range lightweight equipment. I couldn't afford the top of the range stuff, so knew my base-weight would be compromised.

This mid-range gear is smaller and lighter than 'normal' gear but not as light or as compact as the very expensive stuff. When I say expensive stuff, an example would be a £600 tent, compared to mine at £300.

I hadn't weighed my bike, but I'm guessing the bike and loaded luggage it was around 35Kg, riding with 10Kg in a rucksack also.

I wanted my trip to be comfortable, I wanted to hang around camp and have some luxuries so again space and weight would be compromised.

Also blogging and vlogging meant carrying a notebook computer as well as phones, power packs, leads, solar charge etc, as well as a GoPro and various fittings for the same.In a further blog I will review this gear but generally I was happy with this set-up and I didn't have anything that I didn't use, except for emergency repair items, of which, some I used.

Sleep System and camping

Tent - Marmot Tungsten Ultra Light One Person

Sleeping Quilt - Sea to Summit Ember EBIII

Sleeping Mat - Big Agnes Air Core Ultra Insulated Wide

Ground Sheet - Cut out from a cheap plastic 'tarp'

Thermarest down Pillow

Camping towel

Head torch


Standard, out of the showroom Specialized Camber FSR 2017 except for tubeless tyre upgrade

Standard tyres - Ground Control and Purgatory - Tubeless

Tyre pump

Suspension pump