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Bikepacking the Altravesur-Gear List

You can see my YouTube video on my kit list here

See later blog for my updated Gear List (Gear List II)

For my first bikepacking tour, not having a huge budget, I tried to use as much existing gear as I could. Anything I had to buy would be mid-range lightweight equipment. I couldn't afford the top of the range stuff, so knew my base-weight would be compromised.

This mid-range gear is smaller and lighter than 'normal' gear but not as light or as compact as the very expensive stuff. When I say expensive stuff, an example would be a £600 tent, compared to mine at £300.

I hadn't weighed my bike, but I'm guessing the bike and loaded luggage it was around 35Kg, riding with 10Kg in a rucksack also.

I wanted my trip to be comfortable, I wanted to hang around camp and have some luxuries so again space and weight would be compromised.

Also blogging and vlogging meant carrying a notebook computer as well as phones, power packs, leads, solar charge etc, as well as a GoPro and various fittings for the same.In a further blog I will review this gear but generally I was happy with this set-up and I didn't have anything that I didn't use, except for emergency repair items, of which, some I used.

Sleep System and camping

Tent - Marmot Tungsten Ultra Light One Person

Sleeping Quilt - Sea to Summit Ember EBIII

Sleeping Mat - Big Agnes Air Core Ultra Insulated Wide

Ground Sheet - Cut out from a cheap plastic 'tarp'

Thermarest down Pillow

Camping towel

Head torch


Standard, out of the showroom Specialized Camber FSR 2017 except for tubeless tyre upgrade

Standard tyres - Ground Control and Purgatory - Tubeless

Tyre pump

Suspension pump

Allen Keys

Chain lube

Spare chain link

Tyre sealant

Suspension oil

Puncture repair items

2 x Inner tubes

1 x CO2 canister and adaptor

1 x Litre bottle for water

1 x Front light

1 x Rear light

1 x Cable bike lock

Bike Luggage

1 x Arkel Rollpacker25-Rear (bracket and bag)

1 x Arkel Rollpacker25-Front (bracket and bag)

2 x Gorilla Cages and Cleats (two aftermarket dry bags)

1 x Monki Cage and Cleats (bottle holder)

1 x Small bag for phone, money etc


Exped Womens Lightning 60 litre

1 x Drybag to protect electronics

1 x Insulated bag for perishable food

2 x Small water bottles 600ml

Cooking equipment

1 x 500ml butane threaded canister

1 x Titanium stove

1 x Long handled titanium spoon

1 x Collapsible bowl

1 x Collapsible mug

1 x Sawyer Squeeze water filter system

1 x 2 litre cooking potPlus food (instant noodles, instant potato, bread, jam, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, biscuits, sweets)


Solar Charger - Big Blue 28

Battery Packs - 2 x Pebble 8400mAh power packs

Phone holder - SP Gadgets mobile phone bracket clipped to GoPro handlebar bracket

Camera - GoPro Hero 5

GoPro Mount - GoPro Chesty

Small tripod

Charging cables for devices

Laptop and charger

Spare GoPro clips, clamps etc

Emergency equipment

1 x Emergency Blanket

1 x 3 metres paracord

3 x Safety pins

1 x Sewing kit

1 x Large darning needle

1 x Super Glue

1 x Tube of Adhesive

3 x 20cm strips of Tank Tape

3 x Tyre Levers

1 x Puncture repair kit

1 x Compass

1 x Bungees (Additional support for rear Rollpacker)

2 x Camelbak bladders (1 x 2 litre and 1 x 3 litre)

1 x 100 litre holdall

1 x Swiss Army Knife

1 x Knife in sheath strapped to bike

10 x Cable ties

1 x Umbrella

1 x Notepad and pencil

1 x Insect repellant

8 x Spare batteries AAA and AA for torch and lights

1 x First aid kit (anti-histamines (for bites), anti-septic cream, plasters, bandages)

1 x Small bottle of Fisiocreme (for sprains and injuries)

3 x Plastic bags

1 x Small reel of wire

2 x Spare strap clips

1 x Fire lighter rod

2 x Lighters

1 x Wad of toilet paper

1 x Pack of tissues

1 x Dust Mask

Clothing and personal items

1 x Mosquito headnet

1 x Crash hat

1 x Pair of riding gloves

1 x Pair of thin liner gloves

1 x Washing and hygiene items

1 x Bikini top

1 x Pair of short shorts

1 x Pair of flip-flops

1 x Pair of Long-johns

2 x Long sleeve tops

1 x Tidy T shirt

1 x Fleece

1 x Lightweight rain jacket

1 x Thick plastic poncho

1 x Pair of leggings

1 x Vest top

1 x Pair of knee length shorts

2 x Pairs of knickers

1 x Sports bra

3 x Pair of socks (short/ankle/long)

1 x Beanie hat

1 x Baseball cap with neck protection

1 x Linen scarf

1 x Buff

1 x Pair of trainers

1 x Mixed vitamin pills

1 x Spanish Fan

1 x Small bag (for money, passport, phone etc)

1 x Pair of Sunglasses

1 x Vacuum bag for clothes

1 x Panama hat

1 x Pair of padded cycling pants

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