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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

You can see my YouTube video on my kit list here

For my first bikepacking tour, not having a huge budget, I tried to use as much existing gear as I could. Anything I had to buy would be mid-range lightweight equipment. I couldn't afford the top of the range stuff, so knew my base-weight would be compromised.

This mid-range gear is smaller and lighter than 'normal' gear but not as light or as compact as the very expensive stuff. When I say expensive stuff, an example would be a £600 tent, compared to mine at £300.

I hadn't weighed my bike, but I'm guessing the bike and loaded luggage it was around 35Kg, riding with 10Kg in a rucksack also.

I wanted my trip to be comfortable, I wanted to hang around camp and have some luxuries so again space and weight would be compromised.

Also blogging and vlogging meant carrying a notebook computer as well as phones, power packs, leads, solar charge etc, as well as a GoPro and various fittings for the same.In a further blog I will review this gear but generally I was happy with this set-up and I didn't have anything that I didn't use, except for emergency repair items, of which, some I used.

Sleep System and camping

Tent - Marmot Tungsten Ultra Light One Person

Sleeping Quilt - Sea to Summit Ember EBIII

Sleeping Mat - Big Agnes Air Core Ultra Insulated Wide

Ground Sheet - Cut out from a cheap plastic 'tarp'

Thermarest down Pillow

Camping towel

Head torch


Standard, out of the showroom Specialized Camber FSR 2017 except for tubeless tyre upgrade

Standard tyres - Ground Control and Purgatory - Tubeless

Tyre pump

Suspension pump

Allen Keys

Chain lube

Spare chain link

Tyre sealant

Suspension oil

Puncture repair items

2 x Inner tubes

1 x CO2 canister and adaptor

1 x Litre bottle for water

1 x Front light

1 x Rear light

1 x Cable bike lock

Bike Luggage

1 x Arkel Rollpacker25-Rear (bracket and bag)

1 x Arkel Rollpacker25-Front (bracket and bag)

2 x Gorilla Cages and Cleats (two aftermarket dry bags)

1 x Monki Cage and Cleats (bottle holder)

1 x Small bag for phone, money etc


Exped Womens Lightning 60 litre

1 x Drybag to protect electronics

1 x Insulated bag for perishable food

2 x Small water bottles 600ml

Cooking equipment

1 x 500ml butane threaded canister

1 x Titanium stove

1 x Long handled titanium spoon

1 x Collapsible bowl

1 x Collapsible mug

1 x Sawyer Squeeze water filter system

1 x 2 litre cooking potPlus food (instant noodles, instant potato, bread, jam, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, biscuits, sweets)


Solar Charger - Big Blue 28

Battery Packs - 2 x Pebble 8400mAh power packs

Phone holder - SP Gadgets mobile phone bracket clipped to GoPro handlebar bracket

Camera - GoPro Hero 5

GoPro Mount - GoPro Chesty

Small tripod

Charging cables for devices

Laptop and charger

Spare GoPro clips, clamps etc

Emergency equipment

1 x Emergency Blanket

1 x 3 metres paracord

3 x Safety pins

1 x Sewing kit

1 x Large darning needle

1 x Super Glue

1 x Tube of Adhesive

3 x 20cm strips of Tank Tape

3 x Tyre Levers

1 x Puncture repair kit

1 x Compass

1 x Bungees (Additional support for rear Rollpacker)

2 x Camelbak bladders (1 x 2 litre and 1 x 3 litre)

1 x 100 litre holdall

1 x Swiss Army Knife

1 x Knife in sheath strapped to bike

10 x Cable ties

1 x Umbrella

1 x Notepad and pencil

1 x Insect repellant

8 x Spare batteries AAA and AA for torch and lights

1 x First aid kit (anti-histamines (for bites), anti-septic cream, plasters, bandages)

1 x Small bottle of Fisiocreme (for sprains and injuries)

3 x Plastic bags

1 x Small reel of wire

2 x Spare strap clips

1 x Fire lighter rod

2 x Lighters

1 x Wad of toilet paper

1 x Pack of tissues

1 x Dust Mask

Clothing and personal items

1 x Mosquito headnet

1 x Crash hat

1 x Pair of riding gloves

1 x Pair of thin liner gloves

1 x Washing and hygiene items

1 x Bikini top

1 x Pair of short shorts

1 x Pair of flip-flops

1 x Pair of Long-johns

2 x Long sleeve tops

1 x Tidy T shirt

1 x Fleece

1 x Lightweight rain jacket

1 x Thick plastic poncho

1 x Pair of leggings

1 x Vest top

1 x Pair of knee length shorts

2 x Pairs of knickers

1 x Sports bra

3 x Pair of socks (short/ankle/long)

1 x Beanie hat

1 x Baseball cap with neck protection

1 x Linen scarf

1 x Buff

1 x Pair of trainers

1 x Mixed vitamin pills

1 x Spanish Fan

1 x Small bag (for money, passport, phone etc)

1 x Pair of Sunglasses

1 x Vacuum bag for clothes

1 x Panama hat

1 x Pair of padded cycling pants

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