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Cheap $21 (Aussie dollar) 1.05 Metre 365 grams Lightweight Camera Tripod

Being mainly a solo cyclist, when I want a photo or third person video, I have to do the photography or filming myself. For that I need a good tripod, or rather a suitable tripod.

I’d been carrying a short plastic tripod with bendy legs for several years, it did the job of sorts but was always a compromise, a little heavy and tbh a bit of a pain to set up. It was good for hanging in a tree or off a fence but not much use if there were no objects to hang it off. Then I tried a selfie stick whose base opened up into a small tripod. To use this as a tripod, it had to be on level ground, it often fell over and didn’t last long at all, all the tripod legs eventually broke off. So, I was left looking for a cheap lightweight tripod.

And this is what I found

It was so cheap, $20.99 (Australian Dollars, that’s around £11 (GBP) including postage!! I was obviously skeptical about its quality but for that price I thought it was worth a punt.

I ordered it and it arrived in 7 Days! And what a lovely bundle of a bargain it turned out to be.

In the box was:

1 x Tripod

1 x Mobile phone clip

1 x GoPro camera clevis and screw

1 x Carry bag

1 x Bluetooth remote control (including CR2032 battery)

I have a GoPro mating clevis for my camera already, so that meant I could mount my Phone, GoPro and Camera on it.

The legs can be adjusted to different lengths when on uneven ground, and with a spirit level on the mounting head, you can level it up easily. The legs lock/unlock with some nice over-centre plastic clips, that are quick and easy to use.

Tripod leg with 3 plastic clips to secure the legs in position
Leg adjusting clips, easy to clamp up

Tripod and mounting platform
Mounting platform, multi-position adjustment and spirit level

Once mounted, it’s easy to move any of the devices from Landscape to Portrait, which is great.

Tripod with camera mounted in Landscape position
Landscape position