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London, Camping at Henfold Lakes & Mountain Biking at Leith Hill

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After visiting my younger brother in Cambridge two weeks ago, it really made me want to visit my elder brother in London. I usually only see him once a year around Christmas-time. We all meet at my younger brother’s in Cambridge. I thought it was about time I made the effort and visited him at his house.

I started a new job last week, back in F1, at the Haas F1 Team in Banbury so wasn’t free to go where I wanted, anytime I wanted, which is quite hard to get used to, having not worked for seven months. As usual last minute I popped home from work at lunch time to load my camping gear, mountain biking gear and bike into my car, ready heading off straight from work……and called Paul to make sure he was going to be home.

I left work bang-on 5pm that Friday and headed to London in the rush-hour traffic. As usual I had a saga finding my way! My car SatNav was sending me on the M40/M25 but looking at Waze on my mobile I could see the M25 was choca, so I decided to use Waze to navigate me. At some point my phone fell off my dash, and when I picked it up I must have pressed on the screen as Waze continually kept trying to navigate me home, which was a real pain. I just kept driving towards London, eventually my SatNav picked up the trail and I got to my brother’s in West Norwood, south of the river, dead on 8pm.