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Camping at Middle Ninfa Farm Riding Blorenge & Black Mountains

See my YouTube of this trip here

Even though I’d been camping and riding the previous weekend, and was still a little tired, with the promise of another sunny weekend, us in the UK have to take advantage of it!

So I left work, popped home to pick-up my camp food, as I didn’t want to leave it in the car as it was so hot that day, which wasted around half an hour, then set off for Wales.

I’d booked a pitch, last minute as usual, at a campsite named Middle Ninfa Farm & Bunkhouse. From the website you can see it’s a little different than other campsites, but I wasn’t expecting what I found!

It wasn’t difficult to find, it’s around fifteen minutes out of Abergavenny. The only tricky part is following what the satnav says and turning right onto a very narrow road that looks like someone’s driveway! You follow this tight, twisty, steeply uphill, tarmac mountain road through woodland for around ten minutes. Middle Ninfa is one of the farms on your right.

Driving up to the farmhouse, a lady checked me in, she was in the middle of her evening meal, so it was a quick whizz around, which suited me as I was tired and hungry.

Middle Ninfa camping is different inasmuch there isn’t a large camping field. The land is undulating, with many hidden paddocks all on different levels, on their 20+ acre piece of land. With lots of trees, and small wooded areas.

Each pitch has a name, as you can see from their website here

I was booked into the Skirrid View pitch, but there had been an admin error and I had to have Hollow Beech, I’m so glad that happened, it was the best pitch there! With fantastic views over the farm, a forest, Abergavenny and the Skirrid.