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Ohana Trail Mountain Bike Trail

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Two bus rides are needed to get from Waikiki to the Ohana Trail, with some road riding each end. It’s mid-winter in Hawaii hence the weather has been unsettled. It has been very very windy in Waikiki for the past few days, not a bad thing as the wind’s brought some good surfing conditions when not choppy!

It’s not all bad, there have been many sunny days, and it’s never cold, even when it’s raining. Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the weather forecasts can’t be relied upon, except for the hour or two ahead when using the Doppler forecast. So sometimes you just have to go for the ride and hope for the best. As I got nearer the East coast on the bus, the weather conditions deteriorated, with rain and fog, which really wasn’t what I wanted!

As it happens, the rain had stopped by the time I arrived at the bus stop, leaving the surrounding ridges shrouded in cloud, and a moody sky above.

The trail head wasn’t too difficult to find, around a twenty minute cycle ride from the bus stop.

See directions at the end of this blog.

I didn’t complete the ride, as usual I got lost, and rode the last third on random trails to a different finishing point the other side of the ridge. Apparently the last section is steep downhill, alas no epic descent for me this time.

The ground wasn’t quite