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Mountain Biking at Woburn's Aspley Woods

You can see my YouTube of this ride here

A few times recently I’ve got ready to ride but ended up not going anywhere because I couldn’t decide on which trail to ride, which is very annoying! I don’t know why I do this! Perhaps I should get some lights so it opens up going to trails that are open later.

Early last Saturday morning I got ready to ride but couldn’t decide where to go. The indecision was compounded by the fact that the UK weather forecast was very rainy, and the later it got the worse the rain was and more of the UK was going to be wet. I don’t like riding in the wet if I don’t have to.

I’d been messaging my mate Paul, who also wanted to ride, suggesting Woburn, Aston Hill, Stile Cop and Cannock Chase, but the later it got the more the northern trails would have been wet too. So, we finally decided on Woburn, which is around a 70 minute drive away.

The Woburn biking trails shares two locations with horses and hikers. There is the Aspley Woods trails which is privately owned but managed by the Greensand trust, as is the other area, Rushmere Park, but that is owned by the council.

You can find info on the Aspley Wood trails here

I hurriedly bought three day passes online for me, Paul and Mishy. It’s only a fiver each for the day, not a bad way to sort out the payment, except they ask for too many details for each rider, such as name, address, phone number, email address, this makes it a bit onerous when buying three!

We’d decided to ride the Longslade red trail in Aspley Woods. Arriving at the Longslade Lane car park at around 2pm.