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Koko Crater Hike

See my YouTube of the hike here

Another bus ride, this time the 22 from opposite the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki, that takes you all the way to Hanauma Bay Reserve in around 35 minutes. From there it's a 10 minute walk to the Koko Crater Trail.

Koko crater is an ancient tuff cone, dormant for tens of thousands of years! It rises just under 400 metres, of which you are climbing most of that on 1048 steps. Approximately two kilometers each way.

The trail goes straight up the ridge, on a dis-used World War Two railway track. The wooden sleepers are mostly in reasonable condition, some have rotted away, some have been replaced or repaired. The trail isn’t too steep for the first half of the hike, then it becomes steeper and steeper. One section crosses a shallow ravine, meaning you have to tread carefully, otherwise you could fall through!