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Chapter 22: Bikepacking the Altravesur-La Calahorra to the Sierra de Baza

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12th June 2019

I left Bar Rosabel in La Calahorra early on Wednesday, around 7am, taking breakfast at the posher hostal, Hostal Labella, before I left town. It’s so funny, in Spain, the bar staff just can’t understand the English way of taking tea. I ask for Té Normal, Té Classic or Té Negro, once over this hurdle, I say I want a large glass, full of ‘agua caliente’, and separately, a little ‘leche fria’. They have always managed to do this, but they just won’t fill the glass with hot water, it will be anything from half full to three quarter full. I often ask for the water to be topped up and they look puzzled. This is across the board; they all do this!! I giggle to myself each time it happens!

Next up, crossing the Marquesado Plateau between La Calahorra and the Sierra de Baza. I wasn’t looking forward to this leg, I’d thought it would be under the punishing sun with no shade but luckily a combination of starting out early, an overcast sky and cold wind, all added up to a cool ride. Albeit a bit chilly and into a head-wind!