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Bikepacking the Altravesur-Gear Review

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Below is a review of the gear I took on my Altravesur ride.

To make it simple, I’ve used the following key to mark each item:

Perfect = An item I used and was totally happy with, and will use on my next tour

Unused Retain = I didn’t use this item but will still take it on my next tour

Retain = I wasn’t totally happy with the item but will use it on my next tour, due to the expense of replacement

Remove = I didn’t use this item and won’t take it next time

Replace = I wasn’t happy with this item and will replace with something better

Addition = Something I didn’t take but will next time

Clothes and personal items

If you’re riding as I did, taking your time, enjoying exploring towns and pueblos and staying a few days, you will probably want more clothes than if you’re on a mission to finish a route as fast as you can.

You don’t have to be dirty and smelly all the time! After having a shower, it was so good to be able to put clean clothes on. I washed my dirty gear in the hostal bathrooms and dried them where I could.

I had packed for warm to hot weather, I would swap out some items if I was riding in colder weather. My clothes were packed in a vacuum bag, to keep the volume down.

1 x Pair of leggings – Perfect

1 x Pair of short shorts – Perfect

1 x Pair of knee length shorts – Perfect

1 x Pair of padded cycling pants – Perfect

2 x Pairs of knickers – Perfect

1 x Sports bra – Perfect<