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Camping & Mountain Biking in Devon #2 @ Hennock/Haldon Forest

My YouTube of this trip can be found here, and my ride at Haldon Forest here

Leaving Truro around 9am, I got totally lost on the way to Exeter, travelling on A and B roads for around twenty miles instead of the dual carriageway I had intended to use, eventually finding it! I still wasn’t sure whether to stay away for yet another night and was considering going home, so dwelled upon the matter whilst having some lunch in a lay-by on the dual-carriageway.

Don’t ask me how I manage to get so lost, even with Satnav. In my defence my Garmin is pretty shit, sending me in loops sometimes, but mainly it’s because I have no sense of direction and also I struggle to follow the instructions! It doesn't say turn left in 20 metres, it just says turn left, so if there's a turning before the one it means, that's where I go wrong!

I eventually decided to camp one more night, and made my way to the Hennock Hideaways campsite, a twenty minute drive on single track, pot-holed roads, that needed to be taken very slowly or risk a head-on. There are a few passing places, but sometimes it involves reversing quite a way to let cars by, one time during which I scraped my rear bumper quite bad on a dry-stone wall, damn it!

It was hard to find, my Garmin sent me in a loop, after the third time I realised, stopped and asked the way from a local. The site was a very large meadow, with only one other tent in it. It’s quite a ca