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The Bikepacking Gear Essential for Seniors

One thing that may not rank as high as it should on your bikepacking or hiking gear list, could be your footwear.

Unless you're using a hand cycle, it is crucial that you take proper care of your feet before and whilst on your tour. It's miserable knowing you have great distances to cover and will be in pain every inch of the way. Here are some points to consider when selecting your bikepacking, backpacking or hiking footwear:

  • The terrain you will be riding (loose, surfaced, slippery, rocky, sandy, boggy)

  • The expected weather conditions

  • The expected temperatures

  • Pedal type

  • River crossings

  • Do you need boots or shoes

  • Comfort during hours of pedaling

  • Comfort during hours of pushing/walking, up/down steep, perhaps loose terrain

  • Any foot conditions or injuries you are nursing

  • Do you need an insole

  • Will the insole fit in your shoes

  • Can you wear thick/thin socks with the insole you need, in the shoes you want

  • How long are they likely to last and will you be able to replace them on the road

It is worth spending as much as you need to on this essential piece of kit, possibly you'll need to cut back on something else less important. Choose wisely!

Next time we will look at selecting the appropriate shoe

A worn out pair of old trainers
These worn out and poorly fitting shoes caused a major detour and delay on a bikepacking tour

Pair of old trainers with worn out soles
Not only did they cause damage to my feet, they had no grip on loose mountain washouts

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3 commentaires

Dave North
Dave North
06 mars 2022

What footwear would you suggest for typical British weather? I.e., mostly dry but often wet and muddy.


Mick Linford
Mick Linford
29 déc. 2021

Getting quite the writer Ange. Well done x

Angela Hart
Angela Hart
29 déc. 2021
En réponse à

😁thanks Mick

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