Everest Summit Bid by some of my fellow trekkers

When I trekked to the Everest Base Camp, three of our group were continuing on to the Everest Summit. It’s now the 11th of May, over five weeks on. During this time they have done their ‘rotations’, which involves hiking higher, then going back down, this acclimatises their bodies to the altitude and lack of oxygen.

Before they can do their acclimatisation climbs, they need to wait for the Sherpas to lay the ropes further up the mountain, and then there is the wait for a weather window. This is the same for the summit bid too. At this moment there are still no ropes to the summit, due to weather and other delays.

Living in a tent, with little to do, can get quite tedious. At this moment Dan, Ross and guide Jacob are back at basecamp.

Getting to Camp 1 involves climbing through the notorious Khumbu Icefall. The Icefall is a dangerous place. Enormous, house-size chunks of ice are literally moving slowly down the mountain. The Icefall Doctors, as they are called, are Sherpas that decide upon the best route through the Icefall, and secure ropes and ladders to enable all climbers to cross it safely.

Anyway I will let Dan tell the story of their rotations, you can find his blog here

There is also a high-profile attempt at the summit happening at the moment, Ben Fogle and Victoria Pendleton were to attempt the summit, alas Victoria has had to pull out after becoming seriously ill due to the altitude. You can follow their climb here

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