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BJ Penn UFC Gym - Honolulu

Having spent three weeks hiking, surfing and mountain biking, my 56 year old body along with the injuries accumulated over those years needed some straightening. I'd also had a two day lay-up due to catching a cold and sore throat that is going around my hostel.

I’m a believer in trying to heal yourself, although my shoulder injury will only properly heal with surgery, having a muscle detached from the bone, from a mountain bike fall. I can keep it under control by limiting what I do, how much I do it and practicing yoga and stretching.

I’d been to the Sydney UFC gym, and it was a great experience, so when I found that Honolulu have one too, I just had to go. It’s only a short walk from the bus stop, and an interesting one at that, with many buildings being adorned in street art.

Only $15 for a day pass was great value, more if you want to do any of the many classes they hold, and you can stay there all day. The cafe serves excellent smoothies, snacks and meals, so no need to leave for a lunch break.

The Honolulu UFC gym, named after the Hawaiian born champ BJ Penn, may not have as fancy a building at the Sydney one, but that’s made up for by the, in my opinion, fantastic facilities.

From equipment, space, cafe to merchandise, this gym has it all. There are resistance machines I’ve never seen before! And don’t get me wrong, the building isn’t bad, it’s just not as modern a building as the Sydney gym.

No need for a warm up, the walk had gotten me ready, as I tend to march everywhere like I'm on a mission. I started with some yoga in the grapple room, which was so good for an old skinny bird, as no pressure on the joints